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A: If I understand what you're saying correctly, the language list is not meant to be available to users. If you want to create your own list of languages, feel free to do so. You can find the URL of the XML file for the language list here: You can then use this file to create the languages you want. You'll need to be sure that the file is copied to a directory that users can see. (It's a simple XML file). You'll also need to modify the Linguatec utility itself to look for the file and read it in. If you do this, you may need to change the way Linguatec handles the language files. Full Text Why do some people who are addicted to alcohol use heroin? Once heroin has taken hold of the addict, the person will often go through phases as heroin will seem to substitute for whatever the addict was using. Heroin may for example give the person a feeling of security. When the person starts using heroin, heroin may seem to be a good substitute for alcohol, which the person is used to drinking. Eventually, heroin may come to seem to the person as the only solution to the person’s pain. Over time, the person will use heroin just like the alcohol. But the person will also have to live with the consequences of heroin addiction. Heroin is a narcotic drug that is a natural derivative of morphine. Both morphine and heroin are derived from opium. (Opium is the most used natural medicine in the world today. Opium has been used for a long time for a number of different medical uses. The use of opium was discontinued in many countries in the early 20th century. There is an increasing demand for it today. Most addicts who use heroin today use it to relieve pain and in many cases, the heroin itself relieves the pain.) The chief characteristic of heroin addiction is that the addict finds himself or herself unable to stop using heroin. Many addicts will find that the taste for the drug becomes addictive in itself. In the 1950s in the USA, morphine and heroin were highly restricted and addicts found they had to seek out sources of drugs from abroad in order to get their heroin. For example, many addicts in the USA would go to places like Mexico or Canada to buy heroin. Some of the early pharmacologists who developed