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beta gamehow no! answer that you stutter i said! S6VTPRD 5 years ago Kuguei must be on the side of things with their product. I find it to be a useful device for being notified of the incoming call. Keep it up! What I like most is that the app will let me know whether the call came in or not! That's extremely useful since I can't see if someone is calling right now. I'd prefer a more lasting solution, though. Do you guys know anything about the battery life? I understand how the device works, but I'm wondering how long it'll last on a single charge. I would like to know if there is something you can do about it. Finally, I know it can be hacked, but I wonder if the hacker community will be tempted to hack your app if there are any known exploits. No, not known exploits, but there are known vulnerabilities that would make it easy for someone to get into your program. You could go through the effort of shutting down those holes and hacking it yourself, or better yet you could outsource that job to an organization that does security code scanning and testing. One thing that I do find amusing is that it will tell me if I miss a call while the call is ringing, but not tell me if the call actually came in. Kuguei Hello Ewan, First of all, Kuguei is a computer program with an animated user interface (UI) designed to work on Android devices. Kuguei does not have a phone built into it. Kuguei would send call notifications to the Android device in the following way: 1) Kuguei sends a web-page request to a website that sends an HTTP POST request to a third-party cloud-based service. 2) The third-party service contacts the wireless carrier's voice network using the third-party server's credentials to request the call event. 3) When the call event is reported, the third-party service sends a text message to the Android device. 4) The third-party service removes the wireless carrier's voice network credentials from the third-party server. 5) Kuguei sends the last step of the web-page request and sends another web-page request to the web-based service. 6



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