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Traditionally weddings are an expression of love and celebration; therefore, adding color and music considerably enhances this memoriable occassion.  When you add audiovisual to your wedding it significantly changes the overall experience: lighting, music, and video.

Ambience Color Lighting

Light with Gobo

Effect Lighting


Professional Sound


PA System


Large Screen TV


Suggested AV Equipment for Weddings


WOW Factor!

Prices may vary for both DJ services and CES AV depending on the length of the event and split days.


CES AV does not participate in group dancing, however he or she will make announcements.


Lighting, Projection, and TV's are available at resonible prices - call for quotes!


We Honor Military, Colledge Students, and Referrals offering a "10% off Orders Over $300."


In House Sound Systems are great for background music, but if you want to build an atmosphere of fun, add a professional sound system to your wedding.


The average cost for a Wedding DJ will run about $900; nevertheless you can find someone as low as $445 according to Something Blue Book. Through my research, I found most DJ services would run $500 to $800 here in Utah. CES audiovisual is NOT a DJ service, however we do provide fantastic sound for a Great Deal! With our 625 Watt 15” Two-Way Loud Speakers you will enjoy the experience at a reasonable $250 per event.


A Professional Sound System: Mixer, (2) Active Speakers (625 watts) with Stands, Audio Patch for IPod, (1) Wired Microphone with Stand, and a Sound Technician for five (5) hours.


To answer, “Why is there such a significant difference in prices between a DJ and CES AV?”  The primary reason is we are classified as a audiovisual rental house; in addition, we don’t put on a show for the guest, typically DJ services will get out and dance with the crowd or prod them to dance by calling them out on the floor. 


We have a company mission, "...provide the best quality sound with client selected music - just the way they want it," and generally the only interaction is when formal introductions are made. 

CES audio visual provides state-of-the-art equipment along with unmatched customer service.  Among many benefits of using CES is you are in control of the music selection.  You will not only choose the music for the special activities, you will also create the Playlist for the entire event.  This allows you to avoid cheesy music, like the “Chicken Dance,” "Hokey Pokey," or "YMCA" unless, of course, you want it played. 


We also cater to the customer who doesn’t want to hassle with building a Playlist(s); there are other options, please call for more information.

Make A Note!

Call for a Non-Pressure Consultation.

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